The Dubai Towers Dubai

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  • 承擔公司:TVSDESIGN
  • 項目類型: 城市總體規劃
  • 項目地點:-  
  • 投資額: 
  • 建設規模:488000  平方米
  • 建設日期:2004 年
  • 竣工日期:2010 年


Symbolizing the Future
The tvsdesign concept for the landmark “Dubai Towers-Dubai” is the centerpiece for “The Lagoons,” a new urban development in Dubai, UAE.
The four towers, ranging from 57 to 88 floors atop a nine level podium, are clustered to form a choreographed sculpture, representing the movement of andlelight.
The dramatic Dubai Towers, visible from extended distances, will combine in form to represent the future of Dubai and its innovative achievements. The architectural expressions are guided by a sophisticated aesthetic along with structural and engineering triumphs unmatched by any modern structure.
The buildings will serve residential, commercial, retail and hospitality purposes.
Strategically located on the extension of the Dubai Creek, the project centers  on concepts of environment, conservation parkland and open spaces. The island community is located next to the Ras Al Kror Wildlife Sanctuary and is one of the first projects in Dubai undergoing an Integrated Environmental  
Impact Assessment (EIA) following international standards across all phases of the project. Culture will also be a big focus with the construction of a planetarium, museum, art center, theatre and opera house.



2017/9/21 16:06:21
美國tvsdesign / 上海
建筑設計  城市&旅游規劃  


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